What do Tobacco companies and Google have in common?

Go ahead and think about it and read on!

Photo by Nafis Al Sadnan on Unsplash

When people start smoking probably in teens, late teens.. by the time they have caught the habit they strongly associate with their first cigarette brand and continue to use the same company’s cigarettes.

A similar phenomenon can be seen when kids are targetted in schools by tech giant Google…

Now let me be really clear I am not by any means ranting agains Google. But Google seems to dominate the online education market .. especially in schools right? So what happens is if you are a parent…A day your kid comes back from school and you get to know that they now have an email id for their google powered education.. not only during the pandemic but they have been using it for other purposes. What I am focussing on is on a school level teachers are assigned the task to create kids’ accounts… and these are people who know really nothing significant about security and privacy and Google should be the one to educate them if it is providing the service like at least it all should be documented stating these are the best practices to follow to be digitally safe.

Some kids’ passwords and usernames are so weak.. like → Rahul123 , or Nehalab786…

So, where I am getting to is the fact that Google in securing future customers is not immersing them to use best practices…

If you are a 21st century parent you have to be on top of the situation..putting up firewalls, strong passwords and stuff like that..

Photo by Duncan Meyer on Unsplash

Just because someone finds convinient to remember easy passwords should not be trading their security…This is really not good. So be digitally and publically safe…

We need to be constantly analysing technology and be critical of it.




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Geeky much!

Geeky much!

Being a smarter security personnel everyday !!